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  • Wednesday April 27: PTO meeting at 5 pm in Confucius Hall
  • Friday May 20: Teachers Work Day / Half Day/WASC Annual Review
  • Monday May 30: Memorial Day / No School


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Cherishing Youth Day 2016

BMUN 64: Berkeley Model United Nations 64th Session

Student Editorial: Belle Roberts, Class of 2017

“Delegates, there is the Caspian Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, but what we really need, is consistent-SEA.”

At the 64th Session of Berkeley Model United Nations, delegates worked hard to argue their positions, collaborate with others, and pass resolutions. BMUN is a great way to explore the campus and meet new people as well as raise one’s awareness to global issues.


Compassion Can Begin With Just A Small, Simple Step

Student Reporter: Maggie He, Class of 2018

Nestled in the corner of Mazzoni Street was the temporary winter homeless shelter that housed residents through the harsh winter cold. Students of DVGS were allowed the opportunity to cook and serve a healthy vegetarian meal to these individuals.



World Religion Exploration in Ukiah

Student Editorial: Belle Roberts, Class of 2017

World Religions Class: Ukiah United Methodist Church

For the first installment of this three-part series, the 11th and 12th graders journeyed into Ukiah on Sunday morning, February 14th, to attend ten o’clock Mass. Right away they were greeted with smiling faces welcoming them into the Ukiah United Methodist Church. There, they sang hymns and listened to a sermon. Some students actively connected the similarities between Buddhism and Christianity while others simply enjoyed the event as an experience of its own. Either way, the event was filled with joy and warmth from the open community at the church.



Extract from Mendocino County Office of Education website

On Saturday, March 12th, the Mendocino County Office of Education hosted the 30th Annual Mendocino County Science Fair in the Mendocino College Gymnasium. This event is an Academic Enrichment Program sponsored by the Mendocino County Board of Education.


El Camino Youth Symphony’s Lunar New Year Concert: Featuring Gwhyneth Chen

Student Editorial: Belle Roberts, Junior

After a 4-hour ride down to De Anza’s Flint Center, the juniors and seniors of DVGS took their seats in the auditorium. The talented members of the youth orchestra took their seats as well, warming up for their performance. After a quick welcome and a brief of what was to come, the audience was surprised with a lion dance. Finally, the lights dimmed and the show began.


IGDVGS In-School Chinese New Year Celebration

Student Editorial: Belle Roberts, Junior

Although many would agree that there shouldn’t be school on Chinese New Year, we still had school. Nevertheless, the IGDVGS in-school celebration served as an equivalent replacement. Well, almost.

That morning, the students went to the big dining hall to make dumplings. Some of the students were experienced in this art because they often wrapped dumplings at home. To other students, this was either their first time or the once a year training session the school provided. Through trial and error, the students gradually made better-looking dumplings. Fortunately, no matter how aesthetically pleasing they did or did not look, they all tasted amazing thanks to the kitchen staff.


Lantern Festival brings Chinese dance, music, food and tradition to downtown Ukiah

By Sarah Reith, for The Ukiah Daily Journal

Early on Saturday morning, vendors at the Farmers Market were selling their wares beneath a string of red Chinese lanterns. Fruits and vegetables play an important role in the Lantern Festival that took place in Alex Thomas Plaza later that day, as do lions, dragons and lots of music.

The Lantern Festival is celebrated at the first full moon of the Chinese New Year (which will actually be Feb. 22), and brings the New Year’s celebrations to a close. Traditional celebrations vary widely across China and the ethnic Chinese communities in various countries, including this one.


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