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Elders, youth praised in Ukiah

Speaker urges: 'Be young in your old age'

Ukiah Daily Journal 11/15/2014

On a day set aside for honoring those who have lived quite a few years, at the City of 10,000 Buddhas in Talmage Saturday, it was also noted that we should never underestimate the value of youth.

"Elders are the world's most honorable people, but they also bear great responsibility," said 5th District Mendocino County Supervisor Dan Hamburg, quoting the words of Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, who founded the city, at the annual Honoring Elders Day. "People should have youth in old age; as one grows older, they should also grow younger," as difficult as that may be to accomplish.


Upper Russian River Clean-Up Day

by the Boys Division DVAC

The Senior High boys make no secret of their ambition. “We want to give back to the community,” says Ted Yap, secretary of the new Developing Virtue Action Club (DVAC), on his way to the Upper Russian River Clean-Up, which happened last Saturday, the 27th of September. Officially, the club started earlier, but did not have the opportunity to hold a meeting until a week before the river clean-up.


PTO Trip and Picnic

Student Reporter: Cynthia Chan, Class of 2016

On September 20, 2014, students from Developing Virtue Secondary Girls School went to Baechtel Creek in Willits, CA for California’s Coastal Clean-up Day. One might wonder, “Why is picking up trash so important?” Litter is dangerous to our safety, wildlife and economy. The purpose of this trip was to pick up trash across the county and encourage a transition towards zero waste.


Welcome Back Party Report

Student Reporter: Judy Zhu, Senior Class of 2015

A yell and a sudden burst of cheer... What is going on? On September 5, 2014- September 6, 2014, Developing Virtue Girls’ School held their annual ASB Welcome Back Party in which the girls were able to bond with their fellow schoolmates. They played various activities that involved teamwork and sharp reflexes.


Celebrating Mother's Day

Traditional Chinese Orchestra Recital

Date: Sunday May 11, 2014
Time: 2:00pm
Place: Dao Yuan Hall,
The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, 2001 Talmage Road,Ukiah, CA 95482

Presented to you by:
DVGS Orchestra
DVBS Orchestra

All are Welcome!

Baking To Save Children From Slavery

March 27, 2014

The fifth and sixth grade girls at Instilling Goodness Elementary School have been doing a lot of baking lately. On March 27th they held a bake sale to raise money to help end child slavery. This service-learning project is part of their Virtue Studies class. They will donate the money they earned from their bake sale (almost $600) to organizations that are working to help end child slavery.


Mendocino County Science Fair Report 2014

March 29, 2014

On March 29th, 2014, a chilly day with dark clouds filling the sky, students from schools in Ukiah and Willits congregated at the Mendocino College Gymnasium for the 28th Annual Mendocino County Science Fair. Thankfully, it was cloudy all day but didn’t rain, so students were freed from the worry of getting their meticulously made science fair display boards wet.


Children of Uganda 2014

March 10, 2014

“Shine bright like a diamond.” Many people have heard these words at least once on the radio, but who knew that they would bring about the start of a new friendship? On March 10, 2014, the students of Instilling Goodness Elementary School and Developing Virtue Secondary School excitedly awaited the arrival of the Children of Uganda.


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